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Anne Davis

I know you will come up with lots of good ideas for your students. I can't wait to see this weblog evolve. Happy blogging!


I like to vote it was fun.didyou like


Ms.rikard I think voting was fun but it was complicated alittle but it was fun to me maby to me maby not to them I think Bush is cool.


Happy new year!This sisuation is family and
friends join up together.Well mine was great
I got to play whith my friends and we go to stay over there house.Tell me what you did for New Years?


WOW! You are super articulate. That was the best grammer and usage I've ever seen and the commet was nice too! Do you get A & B's because, if you do, good for you!


Awesome post! I totally agree with you, blogging is fun. I also like that we can talk to kids all around the world. I also agree with you,because this is a wonderful activity! I am also excited!

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