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Mrs. Meeler

Yes, it was a priceless moment for our students to place their vote! The student comments you posted here are great examples for me to show them when I teach them how to post comments themselves in lab. Keep up the good blogging...

Emelia Hernandez



I felt really happy when I went to vote. I knew that my candidate would win. After the people couted the votes.They said that GeorgeW.Bush had won the race.
But it was a close one between the candidates!


Dear Ms.Rikard,

I was so scared about voting.I thought they were going to let 1 person in at a time
but,Iwas wrong about it .Itwas fun voting.


Dear Ms.Rikard,

I like the voting story.It was so cool.I was a litte afraid.


Ms.Rikard I think it is good to vote.One thing that is very complicated is bieng quiet.But...it was very fun to experiience voting.I think when I grow up it will be easy to me.I think voting is fun.


Ms.Rikard I knew George Bush was going to win the election because when I voted I relized almost everybody voted for George Bush.


When we vote in 2004 I vote for John kerr yand I feit happy to vote for hem.


Dear Ms Rikard,
I felt scared when we voted. I voted for John Kerry. I was wrong. It was so fun and easy to vote.


I don't get to vote in sixth grade but if I did I would definitely vote for Barack Obama. If John McCain's elected, nothing will change. I think McCain is trying to hide from Obama. More importantly, Barack's idea on renewable fuels is right on.


If I had been old enough to vote for real back then I would probably have voted for George Bush. Now with the upcoming election my choice is Barack Obama. He seems to have tons of good ideas. I'm sure America will be better with Barack Obama in office! Obama's environmental policies will definitely help us go green too!

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