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Mr. Lane

My favorite patriotic symbol is the Bald Eagle. There's almost no other animal that is as majestic or noble as the Bald Eagle. Of course, the eagle is not really bald but from a distnce it must have looked that way to people long ago. It's body is covered with brown feathers and it's head with white so from a distance it looks like its feathers stop at its neck and its head is bald! You mentioned that Ben Franklin wanted to use the wild turkey as a symbol of American pride. Believe it or not, that wouldn't have been such a bad choice. The wild turkey is a powerful and intelligent bird. Over short distances it can fly faster than the eagle and is a fierce fighter with is strong legs and powerful claws. They're much smarter than people think, too. Even though it sounds funny now, Ben Franklin was a smart man and he knew the good qualities of the turkey. Still, I'm glad we picked the eagle just the same.


Dear MS.Rikard

I like the U.S. flag because the Americans
won the fight.


I felt excited about seeing my work in Ms. Rikard's weblog. She must have thought my work was awesome! I thought it was. I hope I can get some more work in Ms. Rikard's weblog sometime soon!


Dear Ms.Rikard, 11-29-04

My favorite symbol is The Statue of Liberty
because I think that is very patriotic.I
did The Liberty Bell because I want it to
learn more about it.Can you tell me if you can tell me wish symbol is your favorite.


Your writing made me from an opinion about the statue of liberty. I glad your students are studying American symbolls because they are a great part of our life. The statue of liberty is a symboll of pride,freedom,and friendship. Americans began to show national pride after the War of Indipendence.Great Job!

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