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Mrs. McCullers

I was so glad to learn about Lance Armstrong and the meaning behind those yellow bracelets. I had seen many people wearing them, and I knew there must be a special meaning behind them. Thanks to Ms. Rikard's class, I now have my very own!


Mrs.Rikard what I do for New Years Eve is stay atmy house or go to Mrs.Finches house and play games til 5 seconds before New Years day then we go home.We play things like family fued,swap it keeps us awake til midnight.


I think that Lance Armstrong is great. I think the bracelet looks good on me.Do you like it?I dont't know another place to raise $.But I do know 1 thats Lance Arm strong.


I know a bunch of people with armstrong bracelets.I also know a good way to sell& a good place to sell them at.You can sell them at Wallmart & get them off the internet.Well I will talk to you later.


Lance Armstrong was a great person. I idolize him!I wish he was still alive I also wish more men were like him but i know that will never change,SOME PEOPLE ARE JERKS!


I really enjoyed reading your post. What Lance Armstrong did was amazing, winning the Tour de France and winning the fight against cancer. He was a great person and his ambitions were good.


Nice job on this post. I didn't know these kids could make such a big difference. I've heard about how Lance Armstrong and how he won the fight for cancer. I also didn't know that Armstrong won the Tour De France five times.

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