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I also agree people should help donate. I liked how you included facts on the tsunami. This is a good weblog


I was interested to read your report about the elephants helping out with the tsunami relief. I am living in Malaysia and for a number of years I have been sad when I think about the elephants here in Southeast Asia.

Elephants live a long time and many elephants and their mahuts used to work in the lumber industry in Thailand. Then Thailand decided to protect its forests, which is a good thing. But that put the elephants and their handlers out of work. Now days lots of elephants and their handlers wander all over trying to find work. I have often seen them even in Bangkok which is a very large, very crowded city. One of the only good things to come out of the tsunami has been the jobs for the elephants.


The tsunami was a natural disaster! I saw a historical remake of the damage, and the movie had real footage afterwards. It must have been terrible running from the huge waves. The elephant story was very interesting.


Whoa! That post is interesting. do you know that Hurricane Ike just occured not long ago. It flooded many streets. Since i do cross country, Ike soaked up the track so instead off two miles, we did 1/2 miles. how did ike effect your town?


I did not hear about the tsunami, but I was sad when I read about it. It was cool how the elephants were helping out. Great post.It had a lot of information!

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The tsunami was a natural disaster! I saw a historical remake of the damage,

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