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Denise Smith

You go girl! Even though there are a lot of people who do not incorporate sports into their lives, any kind of exercise is always good for your health. I do however love to watch baseball (especially the Braves). So I was impressed with the picture on your Blog site. Looks like a close call!!!I am looking forward to more Blogs...........

Mrs. McCullers

Wow, Ms. Roper! Looks like you hit a homerun with your new weblog! Do you think any teachers at JHH have ever played any kinds of sports? I think it would be fun for the students to know another side of their teachers...the sports side! Thanks for creating this blog. Let's get it in shape!

Mrs. Halloran

Wow! You're a born blogger!! My best sport is Duck, Duck, Goose!! And I know a lot of children who just LOVE to play, right kids?
Actually, thanks to you Ms. Roper, I have begun to appreciate sports like I have never before! Thanks for all you do for us!

Anne Davis

Mrs. Halloran is right! You are a born blogger! You need to blaze the trail for other PE teachers. Share the other good things you're doing with technology. Welcome aboard! The ride is going to be great!


I love sports they are really fun to just play. Sometimes we get to much into it and get made. I would love to have a weblob. They seem pretty fun. Probaly alot harder to think of something to right. So it probaly is alot to do stay good in school and extas (others than school)anddo your weblog and have something important.


I think we should go outside more in our class we've been outside 3 times in the whole year. I know teacher's schdules are tight but couldn't they take out 10 or 15 minutes a week to go outside and play.

Kelly McCarthy

Dear Ms. Roper,
You will be pleased to know that your weblog has been referenced at the National School Boards Association's Annual Conference in San Diego, CA. You can visit the blog here:
Here is the posting:


I would help Field day more fun provide water and Free water.


Your doing a good job.


I read about Let's get Ready.It is about getting ready for field day.I read this one because it looked good for getting ready for field day.


Dear Mrs.Hooper, Hi I am Diana and I read about Let's get Ready. It's About getting ready for field day.Field day is fun.


Dear Ms. Roper #20

I'm going to have fun on Fild Day!
because is fun and it makes me do alot of
excercies alot



I like field day because you get wet and you have a great time cause you get to go against other classes.


Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.



Wow!!! Your site is beautiful!! I love the artwork.


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