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Mrs. Hooper

Ms. Roper, I ,too, enjoy field day very much. You have done a magnificent job getting all of our students involved in field day activities.They have a wonderful time and everyone comes out a "winner"!! No wonder our students love you so much!!


Dear Ms. Roper I really liked when we almost won every single game in four grade. I hope now that we are in fith grade we can beat that class that we are compiting with this year.


Ms.Roper my favorite memory was when we had to get the pipe filled with water and get to the bucket without dropping the water. The difficult part was that there were holes on the pipe.

Kaylyn Jones

dear Ms. Roper,

my FAVORITE FIELD DAY GAME IS THE SPONGE RELAY!We get soooo wet and it cools us off!thanks for field day


My favorite game is the Water Balloon Toss and the 100 Yard Dash. The Water Balloon Toss is fun if me and my partner win and if I end up with the balloon last I throw it at my partner. At the 100 Yard Dash last year I won everyone in my class.


My favorite time was when we had to get with a partner and toss the baloon to each other. I once got soaked in water .


I Liked when I helped at feilday.


Ms.Roper i am glad that the field day is coming up!Almost all the we are outside playing the games you put out for us. It is very nice of you to do that for us. We enjoy the games very much.You are a great P.E. teacher. I like the sponge rely because you get wet because it is soooooooo hot that day.Almost all the time that day it is sunny and the wind is blown in our faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs Roper I know what my favorite memory. It is when we faced Mrs. Barandiaran's class. We beated them.

Javier Mendoza

One of my favorite game in field day is the scooter relay.I also like the balloon relay because I get wet and I like to work with people.I hope we have a great time on field day!


Mrs.roper my favorite game is the sponge relay..

Francisco Corona

My favorite game in field day is the balloon relay because I get wet. I hope we could have a nice field day!


I really enjoy the 100 yard dash because you get to show off how fast you run. I also love doing the races aginst other classes because I am verry compettive.
Shelby S.


I forgot to tell you one thing, thanks for letting the students of J.H.H help out with field day, I think it is a privelige and a nice treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelby S.


My favorite experiance was my first field day.


Mrs.Roper I really enjoy field day!My favorite game is the hulu-hoop contest.In 2nd grade I thought I was going to win but,I didn't.


I think field day was fun.all the children should have fun like on field day.I know I do.


My favorite time of year is field day to and I am glad we have field day. I always think this school is the bestest, because we always do fun things here in this school. I am glad I am in this school. On field day we always do fun thins. My favorite thing about field day is that we bearly do not do any work at school and 4th and 5th get to help the kindergarden and 1st grader to Iam glad field day is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!

griselda villanueva

Mrs.Roper I, too can't wait for Field Day. I wish to be a field day helper.I'm looking forward to this


I'm excited about Field Day! I am also nervous. I don't think it matters if you win or lose.

Maria Alvarado

im happy you made up hat day because you are helping poor people especialy the most poor ones so i think you should keep hat day going on.


Field day is my favortist event of the year and how I'm new to this school I don't know what are the things we're going to do at field day so I'm very exited.


Mrs.Roper, I can't wait for field day! It's my favorite time of year! This is going to be my last field day here at J. H. House, but I am going to enjoy it! I can't wait!!!!


Mrs.Roper, I can't wait for field day! It's my favorite time of year! This is going to be my last field day here at J. H. House, but I am going to enjoy it! I can't wait!!!!


Thank you for field day

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