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I love field day! I can't wait to play.

griselda villanueva

I'm ready to be out their and get in shape out in Field Day.I hope everyone enjoys this special day that Ms. Roper has done for us.


Field Day is a fun day for everybody except for some teachers (Ms.Scott)but I have always liked field day.

It is really fun!


Ilove FIELD DAY and it is so. I thank Ms. Roper.


I ready for the things Mrs. Roper has for us to do.this is ot get your body in shape.


Yesturday we have field day and it was so much fun because we won the pizza relay and the other students were angry because we had won that game. I did not enjoy that much the new one because it was kind of emberassing for us because we had to wear those things that little kids do to swim but beside that i had a great time!!!!!THANKS MS.ROPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yesturday we had field day and we won the pizza relay.


I really think that the pizza box relay was fun. I started to laugh when Shelby and I was partners because we keped dropping the boxes. Shelby started to laugh when I couldn't cetch my breth. When we finaly got to the finish line it was a tie. Both teams won. I think that was a good thing that we both won. I liked the gator relay, too. The reson why because I got to be partners with Jackquaya. We was a good partner.

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