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September 15, 2008


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My motivation helps me learn. My motivation is making my family proud & happy.


It was a teacher. He taught me a different strategy to use in adding and subtracting.


I think your post will really inspire and help some one. I really like this post.


I was in school. My teacher was the one who helped me learn. Her name is Mrs. Emmert. My attiude was really positive.


Reflection has plenty of meanings, but this meaning is very essential. One thing I'm going to reflect on is my first year playing football. I was very nervous. My dad told me to take deep breaths. And it worked. I will never forget that day.


When I was outside of school, I did learn something really well. What I learned outside of school was how to be a good person. My attitude was a little harsh, but I saw what happened to other people when they felt bad. So I started to be nice.


I thought the bubbles were so awesome! I also thought reflections was blogging about what has been happening in your life. Now I realy know what it's about.


Why does reflections help me learn? I don't get it. Why does it help us learn? Why don't you just use your brain instead? I learn about things that make me learn. I do think of ways they help me learn, like a really big test is coming in the last day of school. It was very hard for me.


Reflecting is just looking back on what you've learned and using that to help you.


When I think of reflection, I think of something coming back. Someone that help me was that


Mrs. Henning taught me how to multiply by two or more factors. I understood her really well. She taught me by multiplying one number first than the other next.


Ms. BlackWell taught me how to do graphs and to multiply decimals by reviewing it so we can get it right.


To answer this post's question, I'll tell you about one time. It was my first year here in the United States. I was living in Dublin, a little city near Conyers. I ddn't know english. That's why I really wanted to go to school, but I did go. I was going to enter first grade. My teacher's name was Mrs. Woodard. She was nice and she really helped me learn english. When she wanted to tell me something, she looked in a dictionary that had spanish words. And sometimes she called a girl to tell me. I miss her so much. ( I MISS YOU MRS. WOODARD!)


I learned how to multiply in third grade. I didn't understand it at all before but my teacher helped me understand. She told me that it is just like adding and said all I had to do is take the first number and add it as many times as the last number says to.


I'm not sure because I learn when I like to learn. It's


I do remember when I was little and my big brother would go to school. Now he would always invite his friends over and talk english. So,I would ask him what he was saying. And that was how I started talking english, but that wasn't the only person who showed me how to talk english. It was also my PreK teacher and my kindergarten teacher.

Lerrin Currie

Hello everyone! I was just looking around at some blogs, and saw that your teacher has started a blog for your class. You all should be excited to work on something like this, because to be honest, I have only worked with a few blogs, and I am now a sophomore in college. I hope you all have fun working together while blogging; it really is a cool way to learn new things.

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