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Mrs. Davis

Shelby, I totally agree with you - drugs are bad! It is a problem in our country that we have not been able to solve. How do you think we could get people to stay away from drugs?

By the way, you have done a great job proofing your work. You are not only a good writer, but consciencious as well. I like that!


i think that drugs are bad..in fact all the stuff u just said is so ture...but im just wondering why do u no so much about drugs...are u a pilice or samething..will i wont to no what eles can happen because i hAVE A SPEECH to do and i need as much info on drugs(bad drugs).will if u have more info on drugs please email me....


I agree with you on drugs and stuff becous my grammpa smoked and he died of lung cancer and my parrents smok and i have asma becous of seccond hand smoking and sorry for the spelling im not a great speller lol






say nope to dope!


dear Shelby...
i agree with you my grandmother passed away because of drugs..and well my mom is dying because of them...and well i can't lose another family member..so i'd like to tell everyone in the world please don't do drugs!!.. thx for your time shelby!!


drugs are cool i totaly disagree with you you are so retarded

David Allen Coe

fuck you niggers, smoke weed everyday!


hey r drugs good or bad




the goddamned terrorist shitbags are financing their war against us by the profits made from selling the opium that they grow in afghanistan.everyone knows this.we allow this everytime someone buys a bag... of whatever. since the bleeding heart laws won`t let us kill these fuckers we gotta stop being weak and buying dope,no shit.i don`t know why anybody would want to do business with someone who wants to kill them ,but that`s whats really going on.


first of all i would like to start out by saying that you are a fuckign retard whith the iq of a dog. you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about and you just mirror back all the stupid shit the majority and the authorities tell you. people like you deserve to be put into prison, being so retarded should definetly be a crime. by the way did you know that thousands of people a year die form being retarded. they do all kids of things that can get themselves killed, why isnt the police taking care of them and stopping them from killing htemselves? dont you think that they should be treated in jail and when they come out they should be waaaay better.BAAAAD DRUUUGGGSSS BAAAAAAAAD. NOOOO DRRUUuuuuuUUUGGGSSSS nNOOOOO!


Drugs are good and bad depending on how you use 'em. Drugs are good to use lightly, they make you feel good and can take pain and stress away from your everyday life. Drugs are bad if you abuse them daily. If you take them everyday just to get hi, u gonna get stupid with it. You're gonna get your ass busted. Basically, just be sneaky and try not to get caught. Jail is a mother fucker! Also, remember drinkin is fun but have a DD. Don't drink and drive smoke and fly!!!!


what the hell is wrong with all of u? drugs are bad!!!
shrooms=could be bad if to many
alcohol=the worst drug!!!!

do you all see a pattern??
natural =good
manmade = bad!!!

ps to everyone who drinks alcohol
or is loaded up with MAN MADE pharmacudical DRUGS is a F-ing hypocrite!!
sorry 1 more thing
is the person who typed this 8?
because this sound like what teachers were telling me when i was 8. so to the person who wrote this if your like 8-11 very good job but very weak evidence but if your older, well i feel sorry for you.

maricarmen lara

A gurl u right bout them drugs my teacher told me that her brother did drugs till know and has no place to live and eat

dun wry

what the hell is the matter witt sum yall you retarded? drugs can take your damn life away and yall that agree that drugs are bad good jobb yall are gunna live your life to dah fullest buh yall daht like drugs psh good luck..your life is ggunna goo fast..im doing my projects on drugs right now..trust me they aint good and they never will be


the wrong drugs are usally a way out for people. they use them for relief and a way not to care. its something that you will see and deal with as you get older people turn to drugs for what they think will help. im not saying it will help but at times its just something yuo will do.


shelby i agree with you to some extent i mean, you have to relize some teens that do BAD drugs do it to get away from everything happing in there life, and dont do it just to get high...... and then agina some teens do it just to look cool and make people like them and thats wrong..... i have never done drugs but some of my friends do it all the time and they try to get me to do them but im never going to just because they tell me to ..... now if yall are considering alcohol as a BAD drug then heak yes it is.... my mom is a Alcoholic and i HATE it...... i mean if i could change the family i was out in to i would because of her she has ran off my sister and brother and they never have been there for my childhood and let me tell you there r things you would rather tell your sister than you mom and my mom ruin that for me
so yea some BAD drugs are really bad and some are horriable and so are just stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!


your right doing drugs are horribel

Katie && Trisha

You suck. =]

my friend trisha, she doesnt really agree with you but i woudnt blame her cuz shes high all the time anyway and she never has any clue wtf shes talking about...ever. And it's not a waste of money, it is a money maker. Drugs were made to be good, but ppl abuse them. Like trisha. but smoking stuff makes you feel better for the time being, and you have more fun when your high. so i think that you should get high shelby. because if you have the time to make a website about something stupid like this, then you need a life, and a crackhead life, is better than no life at all.

Cuz your life will suck, and then youll die, so fuck you all, were getting high!


Dude whoever spout that bullshit about
get a clue douchebag..Cocaine is a natural drug..it's a fucking plant


here is something for you all to think about...I used to do drugs and quit and the thing is that I want you to know is that you can't change your past and I know this now. before I turned 18 I was depressed and turned to drugs and it was running my life without my knowledge so for the people saying drugs are bad or good it's your choice but if you do do them there is a high chance you too will have your life ran by them. Yeah I'm 18 and I almost can't stand knowing where I was just 2 years ago. I tried just about every drug and they are not easy to get over but I did and that was my choice not ony for me but people who look up to me like my 11 year old brother. say what you want about what I wrote I don't care because at least I wrote the truth.


huggs not drugs!!!

Josseefa Jones

But i do the good drugs! Not the bad ones!

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