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I think that all people should vote if we didn't vote we probably wouldn't have the presidentwe want .You know what they say every vote counts.


Shelby what did you mean when you said that''He is the type of canadidate that runs that if you don't want to vote for one man our the other,you can vote for him.I have no idea what you mean.Bye the way I like your store vere much. And you did the same two strores I did.{mysteries andThe 2004 Eletion}.

shelby morrow

Well that was good shelby i think senator Kerry isn't that good of a man he believes in abortion but like you said both of them ran a good Race. so shelby who would you have voted for if you could vote


When ever I see three people almost back-to-back commenting me makes me verry happy!!!
Thanks sooooooo much for making such good ones.


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