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Addie Bolton

WOW!! Thank you for all that wonderful advice. You sound like you really enjoy school. That's awesome. I agree, learning should always be fun. I hope to have a very fun and happy classroom when I am a teacher. Thanks for all your great ideas. I will always try to be a relaxed and happy teacher. Good luck with fast pitch softball.
Ms. Bolton


Thanks so much for taking MY advice! That doesn't happen much. I am sure you will be a great teacher-to-be. If you stick with my advice,and your students will adore you!!!

Addie Bolton

Don't worry..i am totally taking your advice. Thank you for all your support. I hope be a great teacher one day. I think I will be even better since i've talked to you. I also liked your review of all you have been doing in technology class. Have fun learning!


I will know now that whenever I post a post you will probally look at it!!! I was wondering when you will become a real teacher. I hope that you will like my new post.

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