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Jack Eadon

Hi Shelby:

My name is Jack. I am a writer. I wrote a memoir called GOT TO MAKE IT. It takes place in the 60's. My dad was abusive to my mom, but when I focused on MY life and what I could do to make it better, things got better. The story is of my rock 'n' roll band making it despite the troubled home life. You can order the book at my web site, http://www.eadonbooks.com or at Amazon. The ISBN code is 0975330063 if you need that. You can also order it in most book stores. The publisher is Eloquence Press. The distributor is Baker& Taylor. Good luck!

Jack Eadon


I think that is real sad! Abuse shouldn't even exist!


Did u meat tom? I love to read sad storys like that! It was sad. Thank you for sharing that story!


I can't believe that tom's Dad would abuse his mother.How do you meet Tom?


Hi Shelby,
I love you stories there so interesting.


hi Shelby,
I just wanted to say that i read "Child Abuse." It was great!
i'm in grade five too.
how old are you?
i'm 10 i like your taste.
i go to school at King George.

i got to go e-mail me back bye!!

your friend


Hi!I hate child abuse.


this was a useful page and the book was awesome i hope that you write more books shelby i am doing a report on child abuse at my school and i am thinking of adding you in there i hope that you dont mind.


my mother was also abuse by my father.Whenever he use to come home drunk he use to beet her,realy bad.


Mystepdad always beats my mom. He say everything he does wrong is her fault.


i used to be abused when i was little. it was terrible and i know that its something ill live with for the rest of my life and never forget. im 15 now and i live in a different place. i was one of the lucky few who had the courage at such a young age to get myself away from that enviornment. my mom and step dad were the ones who would beat me to the extreme. i waas in a very bad situation. now i help and councel young children and teens who have been abused or are being abused. and im only 15. its amazing how such a bad thing can turn around and (once you get away) be used for such a good thing for others.
i know what you guys are going through because ive been there before. your not alone in your problems.
with understanding-


Hey every 1 i am totally against child abuse! I have like 10 friends who go threw it and i have b4 2 its not something u would want 2 happend 2 u. The worst thing about when i was abused was that i was way 2 young 2 get away from it. I was only a baby. I used 2 get thrown across the room into walls. I would also get smacked. I'm probably lucky im alive today. I am now 13 my grandpa saved me from my moms boyfriend who hit me. If he didnt save me from him i would probably be dead right now. So 2 all of you who have been threw it i know have it feels and i wish i could have saved u the way my grandpa saved me. So even though i am not the 1 who abused u or is abusing u...i am realli srri!!...Veronica i want 2 be a person who helps kids who are getting abused like you do...plz add me on ur msn and email me 2 tell me how 2 plz. Its.. [email protected]. It would be a huge help and make me feel a 100 times better about myself. Knowing that i am saving pplz lives every day or at least helping them. thank you all bye


I didnt mean 2 right veronica i ment Kitty srri


are you abused if you get shoved, pushed into walls and hit across the face a lot and sworn at?

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