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Ms. Roper

It’s wonderful that you are recommending softball to the girls out there that do not have a sport to call their own.
Everyone needs to find some type of physical activity that they enjoy.

Believe it or not, I started playing softball when I was 5 years old! I played for Excalibur and the Lilburn T-Birds, both where traveling softball teams. Sometimes before an important game I would get butterflies in my stomach. I loved playing because I enjoyed the competition and made lots of new friends on my different teams. After playing in college, I hung up my spikes and packed up my catcher’s mitt. I’m probably too old to catch a double header in 100 degree heat these days!

You really seem to love playing softball Shelby. How many years have you played? What position do you play? You will need to give me a copy of your schedule so I can come see you play!


Thank you Ms.Roper!!!
Yes, I do try to inflience young and my age girls to get into softball. I think that it is the best sport in the world!!! It is also a good sourse of excercise. I also play on a travel ball team. Travel ball is when you travel from field to field all across Georgia and play.I love it!!!


My favorite sport is baseball.

April Johnston

Hi, I know this probably has no affect on you at all but I am a freshman at West Valley High school in Cottonwood, California and I would just like to share a story with you also...Well about 5 years ago my friends were always out playing softball and I had always felt like I was left out. So after about a year later I talked my mom into signing me up. Well when I stepped out on the field I didn't know a thing about it. I had never thrown a ball before in my life! When I got up to bat I stood on the plate instead of in the box. Well I sucked I guess you could say but I really just didn't know anything about the game. Well I had always made the teams and stuff because the coaches all said that,"they saw potential in me." But to tell you the truth I just sucked really bad. Both of my parents were awesome baseball and softball players and I had always felt as if I had let them down, so I continued to work hard and improve as the years went by. Now 5 years later I am on the JV team for my school and had just recieved the Best Improved player for my team. I play center field and am batter number 1. I just love the game and as my skill continues to grow so does my life.


AHHHH I LOVE SOFTBALL!!!!!! it is the best sport in the world n everyone shud play it....im leaving for practice in like 10 mins and im soooo excited!!!


I Have loved softball since the day i started playing it! Softball is a passion to me not just a game! You can go anywhere near me and see softball everywhere. lol. But softball i mean i really dont know what i would do without it! softball for me is everything i have only been playing for 6 years but i know i will go play softball until i cant play anymore! Even my best friend and i have tryed to get our parents to let us go any day of the week and play anywhere its our FAVORITE SPORT! and ya know some people say its just a sport but if they knew how much it means to most of us they would be blown away! I<3SOFTBALL!

Janet Moran

Hello there-
Maybe you can answer this question, do you believe that a 14yr old is too old to learn to play softball? My daughter has never played and now she started and loves it, does she have hope?


All i could say is SOFTBALL is the ultimate sport for me! I have been playing softball for going on 9 years. And i have loved every second of it. I have played at the local civic center since T-ball and now i am playing on 3 teams. I play all year around. I play for my High school, a travel team, civic center ball, all-stars and during the fall we do a travel fall ball team! I love every second of it and i recomend all girls that arent afread of having a little bit of fun and wanting to play somthing that will keep you busy... PLAY SOFTBALL!!!
Softball name: Fergy

slow softball pitch

Softball originated in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day, 1887. A group of about twenty young men had gathered in the gymnasium of the Farragut Boat Club in order to hear the outcome of the Harvard-Yale football game. After Yale's victory was announced and bets were paid off, a man picked up a stray boxing glove and threw it at someone, who hit it with a pole. George Hancock, usually considered the inventor of softball, shouted, "Let's play ball!" He tied the boxing glove so that it resembled a ball, chalked out a diamond on the floor (smaller dimensions than those of a baseball field in order to fit the gym) and broke off a broom handle to serve as a bat.

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