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Hey!!! By the way I am Brooke's friend!!! I think that stupid rule shoud change. We have 2 wear uniforms that r not pretty, dark, and grose!!! I know what u mean!!!! But at least we get to wear what ever we want once a mounth!!! Dont think i am a girly girl but wearing clothers is importan!!!! Big warm bear hug!!! Sloppy kisses!!!!

U r sooooooooooooo cool!!!!


Shelby I think that your story was really neat you can think about lots of stuff. You are my friend


I understand you're fenlieg of obligation.However, on the other hand, I don't have any expectations that would match or fuel that fenlieg.I have your blog's RSS in Reader. When you write something, that's great. I'm always interested to hear what's up with Barney. But, if you didn't post for 2 months, you wouldn't hear me complain. Life can be very demanding. We both have stressful tech jobs and a wife and two kids on top of that.So, for my part, I say: write when you have the time and inclination. And I sincerely hope (and suspect) that no one will say any different.

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