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Addie Bolton

Hey Shelby,
Those are some really good tips for writing. One that i think is very important is proof-reading. It is really goood to read through your writing at least 3 times so you catch all the little mistakes. I often ask another person to read what I wrote just to be extra careful. Sounds like you really know what you doing. Have a good day.


Shelby -
I love what you said about not letting anyone discourage your writing. Good for you! You are right, your personal writing is your own personal voice. Do not anyone silence that. You are quite bright for realizing this so young! Some people still let what others say and think silence them even as adults.
I have a tip for you as well:
Always write more than you need to - that way you can go back and edit what you have written and not come up short!


I totally agree with the tips you listed on tips. However there are a few things you left out like to remeber not to switch from writing in first person to third . This is a common habit for many writers, starting out saying I to writing using your name. It is also important to remeber to try not to use the word I so often this is called being repetitive. Well that's all from here ( I loved your ending ) Take care

Ms. Quarles

I really like the tip that you put at the end of your post. I really agree with you that writing is apart of you. A tip that I follow when writing is that before I begin, I get a scratch sheet of paper and just make a lot of notes on it, like brainstorming. I write what ever I can think of about the subject. This helps me get on track of what I need to write and some great ideas come out of it also. Bye ;)


Thank you all for commenting on my blog. I really enjoy writing, and might write a book when I get older. When people comment me, I feel as if I am special, and the feeling of that, to me, is wonderful!!
Thank you also for giving me some new tips and some things that I need to watch for.
Cant wait until I hear from you again.


I'm in first grade. The same thing happend to me. And you were right at the end. That would be a fun topic to write about!

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