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Mrs. Dennis

I agree with you- teachers sometimes don't think students are good writers- but they are. Sometimes they have great ideas but just aren't sure how to get started with their stoies. Sounds like you have great ideas for stories and you should keep writing!
great job!


I agre with you because I also think that the news is impornetent to because it helps us learn about our wourld.


Thank you both for saying that students can write well. I think that if students
are given the chance to show how good their writing is, mabey people will respect us more. We will be able to show our personality


I think weblogs is a great class!


That's not right for someone to abuse someelse that's cruel well lucklie the little boy didn't get hurt



Hey Shelby!!! Funky name!!!Hi my namer is Belen and i am a bit strange!!!!!!!! Ur writeing is great. Please write me back soon!!!

Big warm bear hug and a slobery kiss 2!!!





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Slumdog Millionaire is an awesome movie..pretty dierffent in the way story is told! Brilliant movie!this line on your post But dont worry that, this song is going to spoil your movie. Just stop watching when the movie is over, dont wait for the credits. its not tht cool!why are you forcing your likes and dislikes on your readers? If you dont wanna watch or dont like sth its only upto you!! Its me who decides weather to watch, weather I liked or disliked!!Anyway..I liked the song Jai Ho and its picturisation very much and I watched it repeatedly and I think rarely music and its picturisation works in harmony and Slumdog Millioanare has this especially with the song Paper Planes Jai Ho and with the one Latikas Theme (it feels the breeze of love, desire and longing) too..Reply


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I have to say, every time I come to there is another eitcixng post up. A friend of mine was telling me about this topic several weeks ago. I think I'll e-mail them the url here and see what they say.


if all the film stars ( im talking about both pak and india), piiitlcoans , sports players , business mans and many other rich people give charities to the people regularly and monthly and in the right channel then it will be helpfull in reducing poverty in pak and india bcoz these peoples paid in crores its not about one or two persons and dude we cant arguement about any body who is earning money whether he earns crores or thousand crore

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