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The California wildfires are very dangerous because about 13 people have died. I wonder what caused these these fires to happen. Something weird happened because a tree caught on fire and some smoke was coming out of the top. This is a terrible disaster.


Have you heard about the California Wildfire? I heard that 600,000 acres of land in Southern California has been bunt down. One interesting thing is that a tree is burning like a chimney even though the fires are really blazing. 16 people have died from the fire and alot of people lost their homes.


What's your opinion for the presidential election for 2004? My opinion is that I don't want the democrats to win the election. Who would you vote for in the election for 2004? I want to elect President Bush for his 2nd term. He is the best Pres. I know that we had and the worse would be Clinton.


California wildfires
Houses are burning in Califirnia


Do you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger is just governer because of his acting ability and because he has made many movies? I truly do. I mean why else? If you know what he did before he was an actor,(job wise)you would agree with me. I wouldn't him as my states governor.


(dictated to Mrs. Davis) The weather was so cool. It was not cool last year. It didn't snow because in October the weather was a little cold. I think the weather will be more cold this coming month. What do you think?


Iraqi crimanals are mad at the U.S. I think they are mad at the U.S because we do not like Saddam.What is your opinion about the crimanls in Iraq?


Do you think that $95,000,000 is a lot of money? Yesterday three ladies who work in a cafeteria won the lottery. Many people were proud of them. Wouldn't you?

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