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Lynne Jordan

I also heard the item on CNN and thought of you! Mrs. Davis has told me about your work on Wrinkles and even showed me how to comment last year. I think CNN should interview your group to find the "real news" about weblogs. Ms. Davis and your work with Wrinkles has inspired me to use weblogs with my university students who are studying to be teachers.
I enjoyed being at J.H. House Elementary School yesterday with my 36 students. We felt very welcome at your school because Mrs. Davis, Ms. Hooper, Ms. Poole, and Ms. Barajas all took time to serve as our guides at the school. My students will graduate in May 2004 and will be teachers in elementary schools. We saw many good ideas at your school that my students will use in their own classrooms when they become teachers. You are fortunate to be a student at a wonderful school where everyone works together to help everyone learn.
Lynne Jordan

Brenda Wheeler

I totally enjoyed my day at J.H. House yesterday. It was sort of a homecoming for me. My two children went to J.H. House and had many of the teachers that you have everyday,including Ms. Davis! I really loved seeing the important things that you do each day and the many ways that J.H. House teaches you. My favorite part of the day was when you, the students, interviewed my group. I hope to come back and visit with your school very soon!

Marquetta Graves

I truly enjoyed visiting your school. The staff and students seem to have one goal in mind. I had some many wonderful experiences while visiting J.H. House Elementary. I learned so much about integrating technology. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to spend a day with your school. It was truly a worthwhile trip.


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