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Hello. It is I, SuperThinker, blogging superhero supreme! I have found your wonderful blog site and am most pleased--delighted, thrilled--to see that you have so many capable bloggers. I would love to read your blogs but could only find Emily's. WOW! What a fabulous blog Emily has! I was inspired to post several comments, and even a poem, on her blog! I can't wait to read yours. Where are they?

Anne Davis

Wow! SuperThinker has visited our site! We are absolutely delighted and the students will be beside themselves this coming Sunday. You should see how their faces light up when they receive comments! We have got to get our fabulous students connected! Please, Super Thinker, comment away! All the other student blogs are listed under the home button on the right side of the weblog- see Keith's Country, Derrick's Doghouse, etc. Thank you sooooooooo much! It is going to be so much fun watching them try to figure out who SuperThinker is!!! Shall I tell them?


iksnay on the telling them snay! A girl's gotta keep up her persona, don't ya know!


D'oh--I see the links now. For some reason, your blog is showing up larger than my screen view and I have to scroll over to find the links. Not a problem for SuperThinker!

Anne Davis

OK, mums the word, but that is hard for me! I think the reason the screen is larger is because of this particular template. Check your email when you get a chance.

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