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I completely agree with you Yessenia about Weblogs. I think everyone should have access and be able to use weblogs. I have a weblog and I love it. I use it in my class too to post important information and homework sometimes. I really enjoy using it and I agree with everything you said. Weblogs are a great way for people to communicate and express themselves. You are a very smart girl and brought up some interesting points and reasons we should keep using weblogs. Keep up the good work! Jovanna.


Dear Jovanna,
I think that if we keep on writing about how weblogs should be used we could probally get more and more people to start using weglogs. Some teachers in other schools think that if the students start to use weblogs that they would probally do things that they are not sopposed to do like go to the websites or to music pieces that they are not supposed to hear. I personally think that if they really think that weblogs are bad they should probally give it a try and if they think that students will do things that they are not supposed to do the teachers should watch the students carefully and make sure they do what they are supposed to be doing.
Write back soon! Yesssenia

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