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I think that you have some great writing tips! These ideas could be useful to writers of any age or ability level. I love that you included the importance of writing about something that you are interested in. Your post made me wonder what you do when your teacher gives you an assignment that you are not interested in? I hope that you are always able to find a way to put your own interesting twist on your subject, no matter what it might be.


I just gave my students my inspirational speech the other day about writing. The key thing to always keep in mind is that writing is an expression of yourself and that the purpose of writing is to communicate, but more importantly, it's connect with others in a human way. Students often get caught up in the idea of writing for their teachers and leaving out their personal voices and losing much of their effect. Always remember to keep yourself personally in your writing and always have a goal for the desire effect you'd like to have on your reader. Also think of techniques to bring about those effects, especially appeals to their emotions.

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